Volunteer with us!

The Arts Center will need volunteers that help with the day to day operations of the organization, assisting both the artists and staff as various needs arise. Volunteers will also be needed for fundraising events and activities, as well as increasing community awareness of the organization through various methods. The following are a list of some volunteer jobs that will be available and crucial to the organization:

  • Committee members to assist the Board of Directors in various tasks — including legal, financial, development/fundraising, art supply, and space procurement. Commitment level of one meeting per month .
  • Helping establish a welcoming and inclusive environment in the studio- individuals sit with the artists and participate in various art activities as peers. These volunteers are role models of behavior, dress, attitudes, and work habits.
  • Helping with studio chores.
  • Helping prep materials and assist artists upon arrival for start of day and cleanup at end of day. Helping prepare and distribute snacks.
  • Helping with community mobility- assisting artists off of public transit to the studio.
  • Transporting students to the center.
  • Assisting staff members in taking artist on field trips to include museum and gallery visits, and other recreational expeditions for art stimulation.
  • Fundraising Events.
  • Photography and video coverage.
  • Setting up and operating an art library for the artists on site.
  • Assisting the curator and acting as a docent to explain the work of the artists to visitors at the gallery.

To become a volunteer, contact us!