Board of Directors

Join our board!

The policy making and governing body of the Arts Center. Responsible for a dynamic, creative, and quality organization. The board will both initiate and be responsive to new ideas. Its ongoing job is to ensure immediate and long-term survival of the organization. This will be accomplished by digging its roots deeply into the Seattle community and responding to the community needs.

Duties for the Board of Directors:

  • Developing a strategic plan for the organization.
  • Developing and acquiring art media materials
  • Licensing the Arts Center as a non-profit as well as registering for an Adult Day Care License.
  • Raising “Seed Money” and continued/future financial support and fundraising
  • Publicizing the New Arts Center – Public Relations

Vibrant Palette is looking to create a Board with a variety of expertise, knowledge, and experiences, but prior Board experience is not required:

  • Personal or family experience with a disability
  • Legal professionals
  • Accountants and financial experts.
  • Artists with strong ties to the Seattle Arts Community
  • Individuals with disabilities, family members
  • Public Relations experience
  • Business Entrepreneurs
  • Museum/Gallery Curators and Operators
  • Fundraising and Development knowledge
  • Grant writing skills

Commitment Level for the Board of Directors:

  1. Available for one monthly 2 hour meeting from January until December.
  2. Active participation in one of the Committees of the Board.
  3. Attendance at 18 out of 24 Board meetings a year. An alternative means of attendance, such as Skype is also suitable. If absent, notification in advance and email or telephone correspondence after the meeting will be expected.
  4. A financial contribution to Vibrant Palette Arts Center.
  5. Active participation in at least one fundraising event or activity.
  6. The expectation of 1-2 hour weekly commitment for independent work towards the organization.
  7. Be a spokesperson for the organization in the community.
  8. Be familiar with the organization’s budget and take an active role in the planning process.
  9. Understand and approve all policies and programs/oversee their implementation.
  10. Be able to self-identify personal conflicts of interest and excuse self from relevant discussion, decisions, and votes.
  11. Elect and support Arts Center management staff.