Artist Application

Thank you for your interest in the Vibrant Palette Arts Center!  Upon completion of this application, a member of the Vibrant Palette will contact you to schedule a formal intake and assessment that is to be conducted in-person with the program applicant and their case manager/guardian.  Following the interview, the Vibrant Palette will notify applicants of their status within two weeks.

Please complete all of the fields below to the best of your ability.  Note that your application will not be complete until you select the “Send” button at the bottom of the page and receive a confirmation message.

Vibrant Palette Arts Center is an equal opportunity agency and does not discriminate on the basis of disability, sex, race, religion, or national origin.


    Tuition Guidelines
    Tuition for Vibrant Palette is $250 per month, which covers a six hour day-program, each Wednesday of that month. Tuition for the first month is due immediately upon enrollment confirmation, which is contingent upon completion of an in-person formal intake and assessment conducted by a staff member of the Vibrant Palette, with the applicant and their case manager/guardian. Tuition for the following months of enrollment in the program will be due on the 25th day of the preceding month.

    Vibrant Palette offers a sliding scale scholarship for up to 20% of its participants. When eligible, scholarships begin at $25 per month. Should you be interested in a scholarship, please indicate your desired pledge level below. We appreciate your support in paying what you are able. You will receive final tuition rates upon confirmation of enrollment, which will occur within two weeks of completing the intake and assessment with a member of the Vibrant Palette staff. Note: Anything over $250 a month is a tax deductible donation!

    **A sliding scale is a tool that can provide equitable access to skill building and lifelong learning opportunities, regardless of financial resources. This method of payment requires active participation and personal reflection on what makes sense for your family’s financial situation, and how you would like to support knowledge sharing in the Vibrant Palette community. The sliding scale is one way of acknowledging differences in wealth, income, costs, and privilege and actively addresses the economic disparities in our communities and society.

    Dietary Info
    Program participants are responsible for bringing their own lunch and any other supplemental food items that will be consumed throughout the duration of the six hour day program. Please limit the amount of refrigeration needs, as we will be guests of the Pratt Fine Arts Center and will not have full access to a kitchen. If providing meals presents a challenge due to the student's dietary restrictions and/or financial situation, please provide more information below:

    Thank you again for your interest in the Vibrant Palette! Upon review of your application, our program director will contact you to schedule the formal intake and assessment. Should you have additional questions prior to submitting your application, please contact Diane Knoll at